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There is no doubt that we should all be building a solid stable online business that pumps out passive income, but this takes time right ?

What about when your in a jam and you need fast cash, well the fastest way I know is to create a product, but then you need traffic, well the only place I know that provides hoards of almost free frenzied instant traffic ready to spend is the WF.

Now there is a lot to said about WSO’s, go to the freebie WSO section of this forum and you will see many of the same comments “Garbage” and “Rehashed crap”.

While these keyboard cowboys are throwing mud these “Garbage” WSO’s are making the product creator money and in some cases very good money.

I remember speaking to George Brown when he was releasing Google Sniper as a WSO and look how rich he became.

Remember the saying, there are no new ideas under the sun. Most products are all the same, that is send targeted traffic to an offer and get conversions, sure there may be a new affiliate program or traffic source, but when it comes to WSO’s you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Let me give you some examples of how Warriors love to eat this “Garbage”, there was a WSO receiving rave reviews recently and the guy was obviously making coin until a senior Warrior came along and called him out for stealing articles from his site, that’s all his WSO was, a few articles he didn’t even write.

There have been many other occasions where people were caught out using old outdated PLR as a WSO, but again before they were rumbled they received rave reviews.

So if your scared and think you can’t launch a WSO, you absolutely can. and once its launched you get instant cash in your Paypal.

One other thing that’s is massively in our favour. WF changed the rules and they are strictly enforcing no incoming claims.

This is great news because before it was all how I am making x amount within 48 hours and the sales pages were loaded with income shots.

Now we can absolutely avoid questions from buyers about income and how much money we make with our methods so we can’t get called out.

Here is how I do it, I am going to break it down for you.

The very first thing you need is structure, so for example, plan to launch within 5 – 7 days.

Day 1 research
Day 2 probably finish off research and write the first draft.
Day 3 Write the 2nd draft and start researching sales pages
Day 4 Start on the 3rd draft and 1st draft of the sales page
Day 5 Finish off the sales page.
Day 6 put everything together and the bonuses
Day 7 launch

That’s my schedule roughly.

I will go into some more detail now.

When I see something hot that I can replicate easy I will choose that, video works good. I go through all the videos and then I will rewrite it in my own words and add a bit to it. That’s it, it really is that simple.

Now when you write the first draft DO NOT correct any mistakes, spelling or grammar, you need to just let your writing flow.

On the second draft you may need to write more and then on the third draft this is when you correct the grammar and spelling errors. When I started using this structure I became super productive.

Before that, I would just spend days on the first write up correcting mistakes.

After the 3rd draft I move everything into a pdf template I bought on Fiverr. This is when I also space out the paragraphs and ensure the formatting is good.

Now with your product you are going to need an angle, let me give you an example “99% of the gurus are not doing this” or “ This only works if you are stupid and broke” I incorporate this into my ebook and sales page.

Let’s move onto the sales page and this is probably the scariest part for you because you’re not and a copywriter and you can’t afford one,but I have good news for you.

Sales pages have evolved and they are becoming less wordy, case in point take a look at Commission Dragon and Incomely.

Also, WSO’s are moving away from graphical sales pages, they used to be in, but now I don’t use graphics and I think they convert better without.

I just grab a couple of images from Google to break the text up and add a product image that’s it.

For the copy itself, this is simple. Go to Warrior plus and look at the top converting sales pages and re-write one of them as your own.

I know a top guru who is copying them word for word but I don’t recommend that.

Here is my structure;

Headline – There is enough on this forum about headlines so take a look

Intro – Are you broke, tired of products not working yada yada

Story – I was once like you until I discovered yada yada – I call this method …..Name of product

Scarcity – I am just testing this launch as a WSO and then I will pull it yada yada

Action – Buy Now



So look at the converting sales pages on Warrior plus and pull out the above elements.

Bonuses – This is simple because again Warriors dont want crappy PLR and there is a shift away from crappy bonuses.

So I just include a cheat which is the main pdf in bullet points.

Put everything in Google drive and it’s time to launch.

Now there are a lot of dumb asses on WF and thankfully it’s easy to execute the launch a lot better than how most do.

One thing you are going to need is reviews and lots of them, this is crucial, without rave reviews your WSO will sink fast, but I have a very sneaky way of getting reviews.

But before I tell you how to get reviews I going to tell you how not to do it and that is the way most idiots do it, by placing an ad on WF begging for reviews, because I think this devalues your product and you are paying more money to the greedy ba$tard$ at WF.

Another way not to do it is when you launch and say you are giving out x amount of review copies because, buyers will turn around and say, well I will wait for the reviews and when no one asks for a review copy or posts a review your in trouble.

The other day I saw this idiot post an ad looking for reviewers for his product and then he launches his product at the same time, so when potential buyers go to check his posts what do they see, he is giving away free copies. You couldn’t make it up.

Here is how I do it and it works every time. Go to the classifieds or Warriors looking to hire you section and find the idiots posting ads looking for reviewers, now go into the ad and find the review beggars and PM them asking if they would like to review your product.

Also, go into the WSO section and look for new WSO’s, we can always find more review beggars on the new threads, PM them as well.

HOT TIP: this works like gangbusters. You will notice serial WSO posters on WF that have a bit of a following, PM them as well when they just launch and ask if they are interested in a review swap. None have ever said no to me. Now you have reviews from somebody with a bit of status.

That’s it for getting reviews. No begging on your thread or spending money on ads.

Now it will normally take about a week for all they reviewers to post on your thread so be patient, some will be fast and this will bring sales.

Copy the good reviews and paste them at the top of your sales page because this is the first impression a potential buyer will get.

Using the above methods on my latest WSO I am up to $150 with 2 bumps in 3 days, no support requests or anything so its passive once launched.

The WSO before that I had over 100 sales and I was flat broke at that point.

Any questions just comment

I hope this is helpful.

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