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I’m going show you  whole process of new method of making quick money step-by-step.  You should reread the guide a few times so you are clear on everything. If you put this method to use you willy certainly make a lot of money. Remember to take action. 

The method is about promoting high converting selected products to targeted audience. I will discusss everything. This method is for products that offer free trial with recurring fees.  There are many great products available on platforms like JVZoo and clickbank. The product I promoted as an affiliate to get the recurring income is a Clickbank product called “ClickFunnels”

Some of you would must have heard of them before. For those of you that have not, it’s an all an all-in-one hosting, autoresponder and page making solution.

See the majority of people that are struggling to make any sort of money online get hung up on one main point. They get bogged down with all the technical aspects of the business and waste so much time trying to figure it out.

This leads to more people quitting than anything else. I know this first hand as we have tens of thousands of customers. ClickFunnels solves that issue so people can just go out there and start earning. If you can copy and paste you can use ClickFunnels. It enables the little guy to compete and look just as professional as anyone out there.

You do not need any sort of technical experience to use it so you can walk right in from day one and have squeeze pages, sales pages and funnels that look top notch.
Plus, it handles everything for you in one spot, hosting, auto responder etc., so it’s very cost effective. And as such it’s very desirable product that’s is in high demand.
The internet has changed and to compete you will need to have professional looking pages, the 90’s are gone

On the flip side of this is, it’s a VERY lucrative product to promote. As I mentioned just changing up your marketing by giving away free trials to ClickFunnels, you can set yourself up with a very nice recurring income. Remember, all it takes is 125 (even less) and you can retire!

In addition, once you set someone up with a free trial at ClickFunnels they have a “professional marketing machine” behind them which closes the sales and upgrades for you.

So, the first thing you will need to do is to get a ClickFunnels account so you can sell it.

Although it is my personal preference to use ClickFunnels as the vehicle to get you that sweet recurring income, you don’t have to as there are many similar products on the web you can use just the same.

Now that we have got the “what to sell out of the equation”, we have to get into the “how”.
You are going to need some process for capturing leads, a squeeze page and download page. I have included in the main videos links to the pages I use which you can use as templates. I would model these but not copy them exactly as thousands of people will be reading this PDF and many will copy them word for word.

Of course I used ClickFunnels to make these pages. You can get set up and take it for a test drive.

If you do not want to use ClickFunnels you can make them on your own “if you know how” as these pages are really simple. If you do not possess these skills, then it’s not in your best interest to learn how to do it when you can have someone else make them for a few bucks.

Don’t get caught up learning the technical side of things when you don’t have to, this is what slows people down. Simply, get them made and start earning.

Next you will need to set up your auto responder. You will need to set up your autoresponder so you can start collecting leads and begin following up with your prospects. Remember you won’t make any money until people are opening your emails – so this is really important.

Remember your only job in promoting these types of offers is to get people to the free trial sign up pages. Most of them have such great marketing behind them, they do all the “selling”. You are just a conduit between the subscriber and the product provider.

OK, so here’s a quick recap. This is really a simple system so don’t complicate it!

– Sign up to ClickFunnel
– If you want to promote other programs instead of ClickFunnels or are just looking for more options, check Clickbank, Paydot and JVZoo. Make sure it is a recurring income product.
– Get your squeeze page and download page set up. Going into detail would be beyond scope of this article. There are many tutorials on youtube. 
– Get your autoresponder set up. Awber and Get Response have one month free trial. 
So, that’s it, make sure to take a few notes along the way but most importantly take action. I know that’s cliché but nothing is going to happen if you don’t implement…

This method works very well, it’s passive income and you can scale as big as you like. So please get started and be sure to let us know how you are doing!

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