Buy Low on Amazon and Sell High on Ebay


Time is More Valuable  Than Money. You May Get More Money but You Never Get Back Lost Time

Before I continue with this eBay dropshipping method, I truly need you to genuinely appreciate the quote recorded above.

Each and every day you wake up out of bed, you should endeavour to use your time to the best of your capacity by automating and outsourcing as much of your work as you can.

Challenging, tedious tasks are what really take away your grown and restrain you from making the most of your life to its fullest.

When you genuinely realise how significant your time is, only then you will have the capacity to exponentially build your efficiency and enjoy  a quality life.

So enough with the talk… about we get down to the business.

So how about we make things step by step…

STEP 1 – Get an eBay account. If you already have one, then please continue to STEP 2. If not, continue reading…

In case you’re fortunate to have a stealth eBay account, and also keep it alive, then you’re two steps ahead in the game. Continue to step 3.

It’s constantly updated and works if you follow properly every single instruction. No easy routes!

STEP 2 – Get an  Amazon account.

STEP 3 – Search for high  items to flip on Amazon. You can do this one of two ways.

a) Manual – Sped some considerable time and energy contrasting items from Amazon with similar items offering on eBay for a good profit ($5 – $20 after expenses). This is probably the most difficult and tedious procedure in this arbitrate system..

Utilize this following comparison tool for all item examinations. It’s one of the faster calculators accessible on the web:

Make an Excel expectations spreadsheet of the items you find that meet the minimum profit margin of  $5 + and list  them once you get 10-20 items.

b) Automated – Use Profit Spy to automatically get 100s of items to flip on eBay with 10-50% profit margin..

This should not take more than 1 hour and reveal well more than 150 items, inside 60 minutes, that you can exchange at any given time.

If you value time, the automated root is obvious. Take the manual route if you are happy with making $5 every hour.

STEP 4 – Start your Ebay listing and begin accumulating positive feedback. Skip this step if you already have account with good number of positive feedbacks.

Begin offering low dollar, low risk items  to build your reputation. Remember to follow eBay guidelines so that your account is not suspended. 

In case you have an account with high selling limit you can start selling high risk items right away. 

STEP 5-Dropship item from your Amazon account. Once your eBay listing sells, order the item from your Amazon account using Amazon Prime or hold up till you gather over $35 in items and take advantage of their free delivery.

NOTE: I  suggest you use Amazon Prime. In addition to the fact that it is speedier (2 day shipping), it will also help you rapidly build your ebay reputation. 

There is positively no simpler approach to develop huge amounts of positive feedbacks than 2 day transportation and great client support.

TIP: Ensure that all amazon items delivered are set apart as a “blessing”. You will see this alternative inside your shopping basket upon checkout. This will ensure that invoice is not delivered along with shipping. 

STEP 6 – Wait for Shipping Notification. Watch out  your Amazon email for shipping notices and note down tracking information on your ebay seller’s dashboard once your receive the tracking confirmation. 

Note: This is important if you want Paypal release your fund before mandatory 21 days lock.

STEP 7 – Keep note of your all items sold. In excel sheet. Note of the title, sold price, cost , overall profit, tracking info information, notes sections, and ebay/paypal fees on the off chance that you feel the need.

You can download a product management note-sheet from following link.

Product management spreadsheet

Step 8 – Keep your eBay item price up to date with regard to your Amazon dropshipper. This is an essential step and should not be skipped. Amazon prices change constantly and on the off chance if you don’t update your eBay selling price accordingly, you will be left with a no profit or worse negative returns. 

There are 3 methods for keeping your stock updated

a) Manual – Copy and paste all Amazon urls and prices into excel sheetand check them day by day for price change. This can get overwhelming after you have a stock of more than 20 items.

c) Price Yak – this tool update  your eBay listings automatically, every hour, day, month or whatever time interval you choose to pick.

The tool will also take care of auto ordering of  your Amazon items. I would just utilize this if my net profit for that specific product is fairly  high as it costs $1 per item (if  net profit is above $5, I would suggest utilizing it)

Finally, Value Yak will get the Amazon listing and post it onto your eBay account.

NOTE: I advice  to switch up your title and utilize exceptionally quality pictures if the ones provided by Amazon are below average.

That is it! Wash, flush, and rehash!

Pick which handle works better for you. The manual way or the robotized way.

No one but you can choose how much your time is worth and direct the time-based compensation you might want to be paid.

The beauty of this method is that it can be automated.

The method is somehow greyhat as you don’t want your eBay buyer want to know that you are dropshipping from Amazon. Sometimes Amazone logos will be there. If your buyer ask you the reason you can simply inform that you utilize FBA (their fulfilment center) for your packaging and shipping needs. Further, to prevent an Amazon invoice delivered to your eBay buyer select the ‘gift’ option in Amazon checkout. 

You can make a lot of money with this method. Remember eBay has made more millionaires than any other online businesses. I told you an easy method. Now get out of your comfort zone and start making money. 


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