Make Crazy Money on Steemit With Zero Investment


Today, I am going to show you a brand new method of making money, and you ll thank me for it. You ll not make money but also enjoy making money. The good thing is that very few people know it as it is a new venture but users already making crazy money. So jump into it before the rush begin. Okay! here is how to make crazy money on Steemit with zero investment.

What is ?

Steemit is an innovative social network that pays people for their contributions by awarding  them for their time, effort and creativity through digital points called Steem. Steemit has a theme of building a living, breathing, growing social economy; a “small town” community where residents are paid for their voice, irrespecitve their  of race, religion, gender, or any other bias. The unique feature of the site is that it combines aspects of Facebook, Twitter and blogging in a way that result in monetary benefit to the site users.

How to Make Money with Steemit?

Joining Steemit is free. The site pays you for taking part in their theme activities via  Steem, Steem power, and Steem Dollars. You might already know that Steem is already a popular digital currency and its performance versus Bitcoin is outstanding amount other alternative cryptocoins. The payment can be converted to USD in exchanges.

Basically, there are two ways to make money with Steemit.

Blogging/Posting.  Share your original and unique posts, you can get upvotes by other members. Depending on the numbers of upvotes you receive, you will get 75% of the total payout.

Curating/Voting  If you find a post and upvote it before it goes viral, you ll get a curation payout. The reward amount is usually 25% but may depend on the amount you have vested, called Steem Power.

3 Types of Digital Currencies 

Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars are the three terms that used in Steemit.

Steem is the most liquid type  of currency on the platform. It can be converted into Steem Power, Steem Dollars, or can be traded for real cash on crypto exchanges.

Steem Power is a measure of amount of influence an user can wield on Steemit. The more Steem Power you hold the more you may influence the value of the content on the network. It is noteworthy  that when you decide to “Power Down” Steem Power, you will receive equal distributions of the Steem Power as Steem spread over 3 months.

Steem Dollars  is a Blockchain. It is market powered token designed to be pegged to $1 USD. Steem Dollars can be turned into STEEM before they can be “Powered Up” into Steem Power. Steem Dollars can also be used to buy things in marketplaces like and

3 Super Tips?

The Price of BTC is constntly going up.  jWith new technologies are coming every other day,  huge investments continuing to be invested  it is fair to believe that the price is going to rocket. If your don’t have a lot of money to buy for buying BTC outright to make the investment  STEEMIT is the best way to accumulate Bticoin.  BITCOIN is around ฿0.00557868 today! 

  1. Build your Steem Power: Your steam power which earns you STEEM. As you build the power you earn more steam power. It is thus vital to build this. Getting involved in activities on the site and producing good articles, voting and commenting will give you more steam power.
  2. Create more vote less: Voting can get you paid when you are at a higher level. For beginner however  it is best  to  post fresh and interesting material of useful content. You can write guides, tips, tutorials or other ideas. Use photos/memes and videos to make your articles attractive.
  3. Comment Always: If you have knack to find a potential viral post, do it and comment. Once it become viral you will be get paid. 

Steemit has potential to become the likes of Google and Facebook. You not only enjoy a social media and blogging environment but also you earn good money. So join today before it becomes late.


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