5 Websites That Pay You $50 or More for Writing Articles in 2017


Today I am going to show you 10 websites that pay you $50 or more for writing article in 2017. If you are an article writers it is time to bid adieu to shitty Fiverr and form likes Warrior Forums and DigitalPoint that treat you like salve for a couple of dollars. Some of the sites I am going to show you pay more than $100 for an article about 1000 words. However, your articles strictly need to meet their guidelines and must be original content.

Okay! Here you go, boy.


The Penny Hoarder is a viral finance blog that helps its readers in earning and saving money. They pay a staggering $75 to $800 per article with 700-900 words. You can’t ask more! The condition is that your article should be unique, finance related, pleasure to read, original and elegantly written. Read few articles on their site to get an idea about the type of contents they want.

You’ll be paid $75 for each accepted article and bonus up to $800 depending on how your articles fare. This is a great opportunity for freelancer writers.


As the name of the site suggests the website if for writers. They pay $50 for each accepted original article,  and $15 for reprint if your article is already published. Go through the description on their site carefully. They don’t want you to teach their readers how to write. Rather they want unique insights about making money though writing, grant success stories, non profit partnership etc.


Brazzen.com pays you $50 per each accepted article in the category of ‘Universities’, ‘Networking’, ‘Recruiting and HR’, and Marketing. However, for getting paid ‘Pre-Arrange’ must be made with their editor. Article length is between 700 to 900 words. Go through the detailed guidelines on their site.


Hold on, folks!

This is not about medical stuff as the name of the site sounds. This is a consumer credit related site. You can write articles about Banking, Credit Cards and Credit Scores. They pay you an upfront $50 for article. Don’t contact them with your article ideas. Write a full post first and then submit it for consideration.


Writers Weekly is a content distribution site that distribute contents to freelancers across globe every Wednesday. They purchase articles throughout the year. They pay $60 per article of 600 words via Paypal. The theme is on money making ideas for writers. The fresher the idea the better the chance of acceptance.

Writers Weekly also invite sharing freelance success stories. On acceptance they pay $40 per 400 words article for full right and $20 for reprint, if the article is already published.

If you are smart enough writing an unique article that has potential to be accepted should not be difficult. Since they clearly spell the topic, google for viral contents. Read two and three such articles, take the best ideas, rewrite them  uniquely, submit the article and get paid. I hope you enjoyed the article ‘5 Websites that Pay You $50 or More for Writing Articles in 2017’. I would appreciate it if you share  the article on social media platforms.



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