Fortafy’s Method to Make $100 a Day


Making money on internet does not have to be difficult. Everyone can make money. The most important thing about making money is to take action.  Today I will discuss a special white hat method called Fortafyys method to make $100 a day. it is very easy. 

This is an amazing method and can make you $100 a day and even $1000 a day. It depends upon the amount of effort you put in. The task is and white hate. This method invented by a guy called Fortafy and he earns insane money daily. He has over 10 million followers  on Facebook. What is interesting he uses other people’s content in a legal way. 

Just google ‘Fortafy’ and see it yourself.  

Let me spill his secret method. This method is very boob friendly. Anyone can replicate it.

People love humours and want a good deal of laughters. You’ll exploit this to our advantage. Follow the steps below.

  1. Create a catchy Facebook page. Name the page something humorous like ‘Laughter Syrup’, ‘Buzzsters’. This is important. The more catchy the name the more attention it would get. 
  2. Now register a domain name with viral name, The names should arouse interest. Buy a hosting and set up the site.
  3. You have to put viral content. Head to Copy the viral contents there and rewrite the content so that it would pass  the duplicate content check policy of search engines. To free yourself from any liability turn the content 100% uniques. Adding your own ideas and perspectives help this page. Post those articles on your websites.
  4. Now head for and search for funny pages like humour, relationship and adult jokes images. Save your selected images. 
  5. Now pos those images on your Facebook page and run a Facebook ads. This type of ads has proven to be effective on Facebook. You have to be careful about running ads. You want your images are of best quality. You can do a quick google search on how to run ads. 
  6. Once you get a good number of likes and post engagement start posting links of the article posts of your website. 
  7. Now memorise your website with ads like Adsense and Media ads. Your main traffic will be coming from your Facebook page. So forget traffic worry. 
  8. Keeping putting more efforts and continue scale. You will receive many business offers. 

The virtue of this method is it is so easy that a total noob can do this. Making $100 through this method is actually an underestimate. You can make thousands daily. So lift your ass, get out of your comfort zone and take action today. 



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