Killer Arbitrage: How to Make Money Using Aliexpress


Aliexpress is an hidden gem that can be used in a variety of ways to make tons of money. All that you need is to lift your ass and take action. I am gonna discuss one of many methods of making quick yet big money through Aliexpress.

Okay! Follow the following steps.

Go to Create an account and start a shop. You will be selling novelty that is in huge demand there. So name your shop something that clearly spells the things you are dealing, like NovelityHouse or FairTrader. I won’t go to detail of how to create a shop because the process is self explanatory.

Now head to Aliexpress is a Chinese drop shipping giant with millions of cheap products in more than 40 categories. One interesting feature is most of these products come with free shipping provided that you buy a minimum quantity.

Type something like ‘novelty’, ‘fair trade’, ‘bead bracelet’ etc and sort by price and free shipping. Look for products that are not total craps but look great. Most of the products listed on Aliexpress come with high resolution image.

aliexpress-etsy-arbitrage money

Look the earring picture in the snap. This looks great and price is only $0.41. Download the image and now head over to Etsy. Now add the item to your shop. Set the price as $29/$39 or whatever you want. Be realistic about pricing. Greed should have a limit! One important thing about Etsy is that sellers on Etsy charge shipping fee and buyers there are cool with it. So set your shipping cost as  $10 for nationwide shipping in US and $20 for international shipping.

You need to be smart with your listing strategy. Use words like hand crafted, home made, classic, vintage, silvery or golden etc. These are power words and can affect the decision of buyers positively. I am not here giving you tips on how to write sales copy but just reminding your importance of intelligent description.

When you get an order from a buyer you get the item shipped to you. You then ship it to the buyer. You don’t have to worry as shipping cost is already covered. Enjoy the massive ROI. In most instances you have to buy a certain number of quantity from Aliexpress. If there is good number of orders or the items are best selling on Etsy, consider acquiring a small inventory. You can sell them on Amazon and eBay too. Don’t be wary of this little risk.

Once you add items on Etsy you got to promote your products. As you might know Etsy itself is a huge search engine. If no proper SEO done your products have chance of getting buried. So use proper keywords. Here is a guide for you in this regard Etsy SEO

Pinterest and Facebook are great places to do promotion. Join fashion and novelty groups and post sparingly about your stores. Once you make few sales consider doing targeted Facebook advertising. It is cheap and very effective.

You also can promote your store though your own blog or by guest posting in established blogs. You got to ask bloggers looking for contents. Write appealing posts and you have not only have chance of getting accepted but you will get a great amount of traffic. If you don’t have time don’t use this method. Social media advertising is enough.

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